loriLori has 7+ years of experience in startups and early stage companies; 12+ years of initiating, spearheading, and leading product marketing and product management operations for commercial offerings; and 17+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. Combined with the ability to develop and manage product and strategy, Lori’s capabilities make her a capable and strategic business leader.

Lori’s specialties include: identifying and defining markets; developing new products and services; creating marketing and sales deliverables; and building new business models, products, and services. She has the skills and experience required to identify startup pivots necessary for growth or survival.


Lori’s accomplishments include:

  • Co-founded an online entertainment network in 2002 and sold it to MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) in May 2006. Authored product requirements, functionality specifications, and entity relationship diagram for the main B2C product offering; and managed product development contractors.
  • Designed a Saas Business-to-Government product for Joint-Base Lewis McChord’s Army Career and Alumni Program transition process by creating and managing product, beta testing, and product roadmap for a pilot project with positive results.
  • Identified 34% ROI for cross-jurisdictional product investment for WDVA for WDVA, WA State Military Transition Council, and Joint-Base Lewis McChord’s in streamlining their transition process, presenting to WA State’s Senior Management.

OMF Cares

Lori is currently Vice President of Product and Services at OMF Cares. This non-profit provides WAServes Engagement Strategies, executing Action Plans to Develop, Align, and Continuously Improve Washington State Provider Support of returning Service Members, Veterans and Family Members.

OMF Cares also supports WestCare in building a holistic service delivery systems of care, services and resources comprised of providers from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, accountable to one another and embracing formalized communication, coordination, and transparency. OMF Cares works with the WestCare team to serve as a catalyst for the development and sustainability of veteran-centric coordinated care, services and resources networks in community settings to best complement and support health and well-being outcomes achieved by returning service members, veterans and their families.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Developing provider engagement strategies based on (1) assessing and identifying providers in WA State, (2) provider mapping and analysis, and (3) engagement preparation and engagement.
  • Developing and delivering orientation program training for provider onboarding.
  • Researching and identifying best practices, ensuring those returning service members, veterans and their families are supported by qualified providers that can best help them reintegrate back into their community.
  • Integrating procedural enhancements and improvements by performing involving network stakeholders for best practices, collaborate and empower providers in network and integrate procedural enhancements and improvements.

Goldbelt, Inc. Board of Directors 2013 – 2016

Lori was also a member of the Goldbelt, Inc., Board of Directors from 2013 ‒ 2016. Goldbelt is an Alaska Native, for‐profit corporation with over $220M in revenue generated from a diverse portfolio comprised of federal contracts in facility and engineering; medical and defense services; information technology; and seafood and tourism industries.

Lori was Chairwoman of the Board from 2015-2016 where she established strategic priorities, requirements, and key metrics for new businesses and geographic expansions. One of her key responsibilities was to evaluate new business ideas and new SBA 8(a) federal contracting subsidiary opportunities, making recommendations to the full Board, resulting in new 8(a) LLCs projected to become profitable in year three.

She also served as a technical resource for Investment & Lands committee and the Board for non-financial Board members unable to evaluate complex financial information and business ideas.

In her role, Lori influenced Goldbelt senior leadership and fellow Board members to adopt new business case approaches, ideas, products, and leadership, while uniting a divided Board of Directors on significant business challenges facing Goldbelt.

In January 2016 when she was the Chair responsible for overseeing key issues with Management, Lori made the decision not to run for re-election so she could insulate herself from political pressures from fellow directors or between herself and Management, and retain her objectivity and integrity as Chair and as a director during this critical time.

Chair of the Board ‒ Significant Accomplishments

  1. Established Strategic Planning Management & Oversight Committee – Established new committee-of-the-whole to monitor strategic priorities, tools, corporate level monitoring, and adherence to the strategic plan.
  2. Collaborated and supervised the CEO in Board meeting management – Established agendas and board action items with CEO, with Board management for special board, regular board, committee, task force, and business unit quarterly performance reviews meetings.
  3. Steered Investment Committee – Set strategic priorities and provided business case requirements and metrics for new business initiatives that can be easily understood by Board members with no financial background.

Chair Responsibilities

  1. Provided strategic planning guidance to the GBI Management team, ensuring the Board’s strategic priorities are being executed.
  2. Transitioned into the Chairwoman Leadership role in June 2015 facilitating financial management, strategy, and financial decisions for the Board.
  3. Authored and Proposed Shareholder Workforce Development Task Force – Shareholder Hire Objectives & Measures for CEO Incentive Plan – July 22, 2015 because fellow committee directors and GBI Management failed to prioritize implementing programs for shareholders hire and retention. See Kookenna newsletter Fall 2015 page 3 for highlights from Lori’s plan. As Chair Lori asked committee chair of the Shareholder Workforce Development Task Force committee to write this article for the newsletter.
  4. Established annual board agenda, setting board priorities on a monthly and quarterly basis, working with committee and task force chairs to schedule the Board’s workload from June 2016-May 2015.

Operation Military Family (OMF)

Lori was also COO and VP of Products for OMF, which is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business startup, providing military to civilian transition consulting services; and SaaS B2B, B2G, & B2C Veteran-centric enterprise, web, and mobile-based technology solutions.

Lori was the lead OMF state contractor on a Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs project, where she mapped over 80 major business processes, and identified and recommended a technology modernization plan and prioritized product roadmap for WDVA based on customer needs for OMF product enhancements and improvements.


As a Washington State contractor for WA State Department of Commerce, Lori also developed and presented Defense-Sector Downsizing Framework Assessment as part of the Commerce’s OEA Grant – State Analysis project. She identifyied a Defense-Sector Downsizing Plan that included resource and capacity planning to re-employ dislocated civilian workers and transitioning service members.

Fundamentally, Lori is a skilled product manager. During the WDVA project, she identified and prioritized product roadmap for a Veterans-specific CRM, and identified a pivot of OMF’s SaaS B2G business model to SaaS commercial market. Lori’s product manager experience allows her to assess and analyze market opportunities by identifying the Total Addressable Market sales potential, competitors, and product positioning and pricing.


Prior to OMF, Lori was VP of Marketing & Sales Operations at Verus, which provided an online patient accounts solution for workflow improvements for hospitals and multi-hospital systems. Verus was named as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Washington Companies for three consecutive years, and made the Deloitte Fast 500 Technologies list.

She’s held positions in healthcare technology companies, focusing on revenue cycle management, cardiovascular information systems and benchmarking and outcomes management solutions. She also provided market planning, product marketing, and product management expertise for Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, HBS International, Inc., LUMEDX Corporation, and CodeCorrect, Inc.

Lori prides herself in being a constant learner—she’s rarely met a business book she didn’t like! When she’s not reading a business book, she enjoys sharing her career management experience and lessons learned with others.

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