Goldbelt must put Shareholders first. Shareholders are worried about their state’s economy, their jobs, and the role their ANC should play during these uncertain economic times. Goldbelt enjoys moderate success in federal contracting and its other existing businesses, but Goldbelt faces challenges in maintaining profitability and expanding shareholder employment opportunities into new geographic regions and new industries.

The three-year term I served from 2013-2016 strengthened my belief that Goldbelt Management and the Board of Directors must put shareholders first by investing financial resources that create economic opportunities for Shareholders and Descendants. Goldbelt can drive economic prosperity, but it needs to start creating Shareholder jobs by launching new companies, and budgeting investments in its Shareholders.

Goldbelt must build new economic paths in education, employment, and entrepreneurship for Shareholders.

What’s at stake if Goldbelt doesn’t invest in its Shareholders? Shareholders will continue to have non-native CEOs, and Shareholders will continue to receive small dividends and limited financial aid, rather than expanded financial benefits that contribute to their economic prosperity.

If Goldbelt doesn’t start these programs now, Goldbelt will not have a shareholder-CEO in the next 10 to 12 years.

It is an honor and privilege to run as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I am committed to giving back to Shareholders by focusing on these seven initiatives at the Board level:

  1. Creating Shareholder Jobs by launching startup companies designed specifically for our Shareholders’ skills and experience.
  2. Expanding the Scholarships & Fellowships investment to include career changers or new employment opportunities such as vocational training, technical trades, and apprenticeships.
  3.  Expanding the Internship Program by partnering with other ANCs, Tribes or organizations welcoming interns into their companies.
  4. Creating a Mentoring Program for Shareholders and Shareholder-Employees to share experiences and knowledge, as shortcuts in reaching employment goals.
  5. Implementing Goldbelt Training programs for Shareholders in Goldbelt jobs.
  6. Creating Business Incubator/Microfinance for Shareholder entrepreneurs.
  7. Maintaining constant vigilance and oversight of Goldbelt’s Management, ensuring financial performance objectives such as profitability and Shareholder investments are met.

Goldbelt must invest in Shareholders now AND become a Shareholder-led company.