The Goldbelt, Inc. (GBI) Board of Director’s primary responsibility is to oversee GBI Management’s performance and execution of the Board’s directives.

Board oversight requires constant vigilance of Management’s performance against annual corporate objectives, strategic goals, or specific programs such as shareholder hire initiatives. The Board as a collective is responsible for ensuring its CEO and Management team is apolitical, and not involved in Board politics.

Each director must observe and monitor Management’s performance against the Board’s strategic plan and the Board-approved budget.

As an individual director, Lori commits to holding GBI’s CEO and Management team accountable in meeting performance goals. More importantly, Lori is committed to ensuring that the Board is approachable by all employees if there are concerns at any level within GBI.

Any GBI employee or shareholder-employee must have access to individual directors or the Board if they have any concerns of wrongdoing or have feedback for GBI.