Lori Grant

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My name is Lori M Grant, and I’m calling for your support as a candidate for the Goldbelt Board of Director. I have a unique and diverse business experience across industries ranging from Indian Healthcare to Online Expense Management to Healthcare Technology.

In 2006, I sold my startup to MTV Networks, which is one of the world’s leading creators of entertainment content. Today, I’m the Chief Operations Officer and product strategist for Operation Military Family.

I’m calling to let you know that I have a four-part plan to help Goldbelt prepare for the next forty years.

First, if elected, I’m committed to increasing revenue by evaluating new markets or industries for Goldbelt to pursue, such as information or internet technologies. We can’t be dependent on Federal spending or natural resources anymore, especially because of government budget cuts. We must also pursue new revenue streams for existing Goldbelt offerings.

Second, I’m committed to evaluating existing Goldbelt investments for effectiveness and competitiveness in the current economic and political environments. Goldbelt must reduce its risk of financial vulnerability caused by federal government budget reductions, which affects our 8(a) subsidiaries.

Third, I’m committed to developing employment opportunities for shareholders by preparing shareholders for a challenging labor market. As a former recipient of Alaska Native and American Indian scholarships and fellowships, I remain committed to new education opportunities for students, job seekers, and workers.

And fourth, I’ll push for transparency or the free flow of Goldbelt Board and Management information to shareholders. As shareholders, we must be informed on our Board and CEO’s corporate strategy, strategic planning, and financial performance.

It’s been forty-two years since the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) was passed. Goldbelt leaders and managers have successfully brought our urban corporation to where it is today. If Goldbelt strategically positions itself for the next forty years, by targeting industries that are projected to experience revenue growth in the years to come, shareholders will see higher dividends.

My educational background and work experience in startups and technology can contribute to Goldbelt’s future success. I would like to take the opportunity to serve you by ensuring that the Board of Directors fulfills its mission by making a significant and positive difference in the lives of Goldbelt shareholders.

Please vote for me, Lori M. Grant, on your proxy statement. For more information about me, please go to my website lorimgrant.com.

This year, more than ever, Goldbelt must prepare for the future. It’s not enough to maintain the status quo. We need to evolve Goldbelt so it can be competitive during this time of great economic change.

Thank you! I’m Lori M. Grant, and I endorsed this message.