There are emerging economic challenges facing Goldbelt shareholders. I’ve experienced these trends in past recessions as a student, entrepreneur, and product management professional.

I survived and thrived because of my education pursuits. I received a Sealaska scholarship, American Indian Graduate Fellowship, and support from family. It took time, but I finally graduated with bachelor and graduate degrees. I was also fortunate to have Ethel Lund as my role model, planting a seed for my passion for service.

Navigating several career changes, I have developed specialties that include identifying and defining markets; developing new products and services; creating marketing and sales deliverables; and building new business models, products, and services. Along the way, I collected the necessary skills and experience required to identify necessary startup pivots for growth or survival.

With this foundation, I decided to run for the Board in 2013, and I was fortunate to be elected that June. I did my best to represent the shareholders who voted for me by pursuing campaign promises; click here for a snapshot of my term. In January 2016, I chose not to run for reelection that year because I wanted to remain objective as Chairwoman–free from reelection political pressure, as the Board worked through key management changes.

I believe the Board needs a new generation of directors to push the Goldbelt Management into evolving our urban corporation. New ideas and new approaches can’t be created primarily by leaders who have spent 30 to 40 years working on Goldbelt. Until we elect at a new generation of directors, we’ll continue to have the status quo and a dependence on federal contracting with low net profit and dismal investments in Shareholders.

My work and Board experience prepared me to bring energy and ideas to the Board of Directors in June 2017. I appreciate your vote and invite you to join other like-minded Shareholders in letting Goldbelt know they must put shareholders first. We must start building a strong foundation for Goldbelt Shareholders to prosper during these challenging times.

Goldbelt is what we make of it. I say we start now.