callI’d like to thank all the Shareholders that took time out of their evening last night to listen to my automated phone message around 7:00 pm.

I felt this was the most efficient way of introducing myself, so you could hear my voice as I explained my background and what I’d like to achieve if I’m elected to the Goldbelt Board.

On a funny note, I added my Mother’s phone number to the list so she could hear my message. And what does Mom do at 7:02 pm? Mom calls me at the exact time she was to receive the automated call, asking me what the score was for Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs between LA Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies. She completely missed my call!

At least one of her favorite teams won: LA Clippers. Go Brooklyn Nets and Oklahoma Thunder!!!


In case you missed the phone, you can click “Play” to listen to the phone call message.

Click the play button to listen to the audio recording.