April 25, 2017

2-minute survey: What are your top priorities for the Board?

I want to know what you think is important! While my focus is on Goldbelt putting shareholders first, there are a LOT of issues affecting you. This survey takes just 2 minutes or so of your time to tell me what is most important to you, and offer your suggestions. Please take just a few minutes and fill out the …

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April 24, 2017

Meet Lori M. Grant

There are emerging economic challenges facing Goldbelt shareholders. I’ve experienced these trends in past recessions as a student, entrepreneur, and product management professional. I survived and thrived because of my education pursuits. I received a Sealaska scholarship, American Indian Graduate Fellowship, and support from family. It took time, but I finally graduated with bachelor and graduate degrees. I was also …

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July 31, 2016

Board Black Box: The Committee on Committees Process

Committee-on-Committees Process Factions or political parties do exist on the Board. There are generally two groups, and they typically break down along these lines: directors who have served or led Goldbelt for over 30+ years, and those that align with them; and the next generation of directors, who are trying to institute new ideas and new approaches. I’m a part …

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July 28, 2016

Thank You to Goldbelt Shareholders

During the July 9, 2016, Goldbelt Annual meeting, I had the opportunity to thank Juneau Shareholders and those attending via the webcast. Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Shareholders again. I also want to thank my fellow directors Ben, Rick, and Katherine and Goldbelt employees for their support and continued support. I couldn’t have served my term without …

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May 11, 2015

Re-elect Richard A. Beasley​, Benjamin Danny Coronell​, and Katherine Eldemar​

Good morning fellow Goldbelt shareholders! I support re-electing Richard A. Beasley, Benjamin Danny Coronell, and Katherine Eldemar to the Goldbelt, Inc. (GBI) Board of Directors. Between now and the Goldbelt annual meeting, I’ll post my business commentary on Goldbelt’s top strategic priorities: 1. Aggressively grow GBI’s government contract business 2. Diversify GBI’s business investment model 3. Focus on high-margin revenue …

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March 17, 2015

Goldbelt Board’s Tribute at the Tomb

Goldbelt Board’s Wreath-Laying Ceremony On March 12th, the Goldbelt Board paid their respect to the Father of our Country to honor George Washington by participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Washington’s’ Tomb. A woman named Gail was our Mount Vernon History Interpreter who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, General Washington’s prayer for his country, and the placement …

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March 14, 2015

A Snapshot of My Term

  I want to take this time to check in with Goldbelt Shareholders. In 2013, I began my term as a Director. When I ran, I promised four things that I would pursue on behalf of Shareholders in working with my fellow Directors and Goldbelt Management. Here’s an update on my progress on these four commitments. Below I’ve bolded my original …

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June 4, 2013

Thank You Goldbelt Shareholders!

Thank you, friends and family, for all of your congratulations! It’s been an honor and privilege running for the Board. I want to thank my mother June Grant for her unconditional love and support that’s been the foundation of any success that I’ve achieved in my life. I’m thankful for my father Samuel Grant of Kake. Because of my dad …

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May 1, 2013

Top 25 Occupations with the Most Openings in Oregon

Yesterday, I posted “Top 25 Occupations with the Most Openings in California.” Today, I’m adding the Top 25 Occupations with the Most Openings in Oregon by education level over the next several years. This job trend information can help you plan your career path. Below are the list of Top Occupations with the Most Openings in Oregon as projected by Oregon Employment …

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