Good morning fellow Goldbelt shareholders!223681_4253507849531_440034482_n (1)

I support re-electing Richard A. Beasley, Benjamin Danny Coronell, and Katherine Eldemar to the Goldbelt, Inc. (GBI) Board of Directors.

Between now and the Goldbelt annual meeting, I’ll post my business commentary on Goldbelt’s top strategic priorities:

1. Aggressively grow GBI’s government contract business
2. Diversify GBI’s business investment model
3. Focus on high-margin revenue generating investments
4. Divest from underperforming and low margin generating business entities
5. Create and implement synergies between GBI Alaska, east coast operations, and organization structures
6. Develop a plan and carry out a program a shareholder-led company

In the past, former and current Goldbelt directors rubber stamped and enabled Management’s poor performance at the CEO and Vice President level. Today is very exciting! I like our new CEO’s strategic vision, management expertise, and network.

My fellow directors Rick, Ben, and Katherine, have always been committed to holding Management accountable for their financial and operational performance in pursuing these priorities.

During committee and board meetings, Rick, Ben, Katherine and I aggressively engage with Management to ensure Management is on the right track in pursuing these strategic priorities on behalf of Goldbelt Shareholders.

Stay tuned for my commentary on each of these six, high-priority strategic priorities!